We are open and ready to help any pregnant women in need during the Corona Crisis.

If you're pregnant and need a place to stay before and after birth, we can help!

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We really understand how tough it is for you right now...

Perhaps you feel alone, worried, or you're struggling to make ends meet. Whatever your situation is, we're ready to lend you a helping hand.

Since 1985 we've helped more than 7,000 pregnant mothers in dire need by offering:

  • maternity care before and after birth
  • help with budgeting and finding a job
  • daycare for your baby while you work
  • classes on parenting, nutrition and social skills
  • a lot of love and encouragement throughout your stay

Please email us, call, or use the list of resources on this site to find the help you need right now!

If you're hoping to find help in your area, then we can suggest other homes and centers nearby that are eager to provide the assistance you need.

How to Get Help

Call our 24-hour helpline at 800-723-8331 and speak with one of our counselors.
Find a crisis pregnancy center or maternity home near you in our resources section.

What to Expect

Want to know what to expect when entering one of our homes?

Watch this video and find out.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions. You can also read below to find answers to the questions often asked by other moms.

What is Good Counsel?

Good Counsel is a safe haven that provides residential homes for pregnant women and children in need.

What are the criteria to be accepted into your program?

Any pregnant woman regardless of race, ethnicity or religion can be accepted.

Do I have to be pregnant? Can I bring other children?

Pregnant women are given priority, and women with a baby less than six weeks old will also be considered. Pregnant women with other children up to 5 years of age are welcome.

What services do you provide? Is there a fee?

Good Counsel provides Case Management services including assistance with employment, social services, medical, school, housing, etc. We offer life skills in spirituality, parenting, social skills, health and nutrition. There is no initial fee required. Once an income is obtained residents are encouraged to contribute.

How long can I live in your program?

Good Counsel offers long term placement 12 through 18 months in the program.

Is there an age limit?

While there is no maximum age limit, we can best accommodate women 18 and older.

Where are Good Counsel homes located?

Good Counsel has five residential homes located in these areas: Bronx, NY (Bronx County); Staten Island, NY (Richmond County); Spring Valley, NY (Rockland County); Harrison, NY (Westchester County); and Riverside, NJ (Burlington County).

Do I share a room? What am I allowed to bring with me?

Every mom will have her own room. Good Counsel’s rooms are fully equipped with furniture including bed(s), crib(s), a dresser and nightstands. Items needed are your basic necessities such as clothing and personal hygiene products.

I am not a U.S resident. Am I still eligible?

Yes! Good Counsel does not discriminate against any pregnant woman.

Can I apply if I have a mental illness or drug addiction?

Yes! Any pregnant woman will be accepted. We have a home in Westchester County, NY specifically designed for women with a mental illness or substance abuse.

About Us

“Not a Shelter or House, but a Loving Home”

– Isabel, Good Counsel Mom

Good Counsel was founded in 1985 to help homeless, pregnant women in dire need. Our goal is to help you to have your baby in a safe, loving home while providing the support you need to get back on your feet.  We've helped thousands of woman like yourself for over 30 years, and we look forward to assisting you in any way we can.


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