About Us

Call our 24-Hour Helpline at 800-723-8331 or click here for help.

We’re not just a shelter for pregnant women in crisis – we’re a loving home. For over 35 years, we’ve provided care and compassion for any homeless, pregnant woman who needs a helping hand.


Our Mission

Good Counsel was founded in 1985 to help homeless, pregnant women in dire need. Our goal is to help you have your baby in a safe, loving home while providing the support you need to get back on your feet. We’ve helped thousands of women like yourself for over 35 years, and we look forward to supporting you in any way we can.

How We Started

Back in 1979, Christopher Bell began working with Covenant House, a ministry for homeless youth. After meeting many desperate homeless, pregnant women in urgent need, he turned to his spiritual advisor, Father Benedict Groeschel. He asked, “Why someone isn’t doing something about this?” Fr. Groeschel said he would help him. Together they founded what would be called Good Counsel with its first home opening in Hoboken, New Jersey, on March 10, 1985.

For many years, Good Counsel has been blessed by many generous friends and donors who have supported our mission. Through their charity, we continue to help many pregnant mothers who come to us for assistance. We do this by providing a loving home, full maternity care, and the specific support each mother needs to have a bright, hopeful future.

3 Easy Ways to Get Life-Changing Help

Email us about your situation and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.
Call our helpline at 800-723-8331 to speak with one of our counselors.
Find a maternity home near you in our Find a Home section.