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Bella House


The Bella House provides a faith-based residence for homeless, pregnant women. We offer a safe haven where enriching programs inspire transformation and brighter futures for mothers and their children.

We serve pregnant women (18 and older) that are homeless or have no stable living environment. The Bella House is proud to empower each woman to make positive changes in her life in order to become self-sufficient, emotionally strong, and a good mother to her child.

Bella House will provide for the immediate physical and emotional needs of the mothers including shelter, food, clothing, and a supportive community. We will also connect the mothers to appropriate agencies and resources that can help meet their goals including prenatal care, health insurance, low-cost housing, and education programs.

At the end of the woman's stay, we hope that she will:

  • Be financially independent
  • Be spiritually healthy
  • Have a strong support system
  • Increase her knowledge about parenting/childbirth
  • Increase her education
  • Make steps towards a career goal
  • Repair broken relationships in her life
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