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Casa de los Angelitos

Los Angeles

Casa de los Angelitos is a maternity home that has been helping pregnant women in crisis situations since 1986. Casa provides a safe, secure, compassionate environment for the women and their infants, the only home of its kind in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, California.

Casa’s 5 bedroom home is located in a residential neighborhood in Harbor City just minutes from hospitals, schools, shopping centers, churches, and entertainment. Being a part of a residential neighborhood provides a family atmosphere where the women make meals together and compare notes on pregnancy and their hopes and dreams for the future.

Casa provides women and their infants with a nurturing and structured living environment. Our programs are designed to help young women acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for parenting and independent living while acknowledging the stresses of pregnancy.

We encourage our residents to continue their education, establish goals, and move forward in a positive, responsible way to ensure a full, happy and productive life for their new family.

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