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Gerard's Embrace


Gerard's Embrace provides safe refuge and support for pregnant women, focusing on emotional, physical, educational, and spiritual well-being in order to promote long-term economic independence, to give them and their babies a chance at a better life.

Our core values are to serve all people, regardless of faith, with dignity, respect, compassion, understanding, and responsibility. These values inspire the work that we do.

Providing individual and group support to the women who come to us is essential. Our goal is to provide:

  • Shelter (comfy bed, hot shower, laundry facilities)
  • Household management – sharing meals, meal planning, preparing healthy food
  • Transportation to appointments, work, etc.
  • Support, camaraderie, family, and friendly environment
  • Parenting support including childbirth and parenting classes
  • Education for employment, resume writing, and interviewing skills
  • Financial planning assistance, budgeting, and applying for W2 Rescare, WIC, and other eligible programs
  • Spiritual growth opportunities
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