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Healing Hurts


Healing Hurts is a nonprofit organization providing assistance to single-parent families before, during, and after pregnancy.

We provide services to low-income families regardless of income, race, or religion; as well as reestablishing the role and importance of fathers in the lives of their children. We are a Christian non-profit organization promoting healing to the total being: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Our services encompass individuals, couples, families, communities, and churches as we work to rebuild lives that are met with an unexpected challenge. In conjunction with our transitional living program, we offer victim advocacy for domestic violence and sexual assault victims.

The Healing Hurts staff strives to provide you with a loving, non-judgmental environment where you will receive grace and mercy as you grow and mature. It is our goal to assist you in setting and achieving personal goals to wholeness in these five areas:

  • spiritual
  • physical
  • intellectual
  • emotional
  • vocational
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