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His Caring Place


For over 30 years 4KIDS His Caring Place has provided homes and support for women facing unplanned pregnancies. His Caring Place prepares and equips women facing pregnancies and/or parenting young children to be successful moms. His Caring Place is a one-year program providing stable housing and assistance for women facing pregnancies and/or parenting young children with a limited support system. Our program is designed for women, ages 18-25, who are pregnant or have up to two young children.

Our services are designed to take care of the everyday needs of young moms. Through these services, they are able to receive support, grow in independent living skills, and learn about God’s love. Our team is ready to advocate and encourage women in their own self-worth through community and mentorship.

We offer housing, classes in life skills, maternity care, parenting, and case management support. Case management services include, but are not limited to, assistance in applying for WIC, Medicaid and/or other health insurance as appropriate; counseling and tutoring to assist completion of an educational certificate as appropriate; pregnancy tests at no cost; prenatal instruction and birth classes; parenting classes; single parenting and adoption counseling; individual therapy; and coordination with all applicable caseworkers or team members.

After discharge, the goal is that each woman will have been equipped for independence to thrive on her own with her child(ren). Upon successful completion, mothers will still have access to resources and assistance from the program, as well as periodic follow-up from the HCP team.

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