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Madonna House of Northern Kentucky


Madonna House strives to help the single young woman who has chosen to give birth and raise her child. The goal of Madonna House is to prepare the mother emotionally, financially, spiritually, and educationally for independent living.

In a safe home and a supportive moral atmosphere, Madonna House provides education in parenting and basic life skills, as well as counseling support and motivation to lead a healthy, happy, and productive life for both mother and child. The necessary support will be provided for those residents choosing an adoptive arrangement.

Madonna House fosters Christian attitudes within the resident's respective faith and encourages spirituality in her daily life through structured in-house Christian programs. Each resident is encouraged to be an active participant in the religion and church of her choice.

Since Madonna House was formed as an alternative to abortion, no resident will be referred to an agency that counsels for or provides abortion services. Madonna House also encourages celibate relationships outside of marriage. Therefore, neither birth control referrals nor information will be provided by any staff member or volunteer.

Residents of Madonna House will be accepted regardless of race, religion, or socioeconomic status. Every effort will be made to maintain a non-judgmental atmosphere for Madonna House residents.

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