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Mater Filius Dallas


Mater Filius offers support to women who choose Life for their unborn child. At our house, they don’t feel alone anymore. They find security and dignity and discover the rewards of motherhood. Because of the access to care and services, they can enjoy their pregnancy in a warm and inclusive environment. Together they come to realize that each of their babies is truly a gift from God.

Mater Filius Dallas houses only pregnant women who are 18 years old or older who lack housing at the time they seek assistance. After birth, mother and child can stay in the house for up to eight months.

During their stay, we provide the following at no cost:

  • a furnished double-bedroom with clean bedding
  • a shared bathroom, toiletries, towels
  • three nutritional meals a day, baby supplies
  • in-house laundry, and access to technology.

Counseling and wellness services supervised by a licensed therapist are provided to guide residents through their current challenges and prepare them for self-dependency.

Each mother-to-be is assigned a Doula for individual support. With the help of volunteers, we provide educational workshops, tutoring, and occupational training to meet individual and group needs. We ensure that all mothers take practical steps to developing independence and acquiring lifelong learning skills. Mothers are encouraged to remain in school, obtain a GED, or register for continuing education classes.

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