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Mater Filius Nebraska


Are you a pregnant woman in need of a safe and supportive place to stay? Are you going through a crisis pregnancy and looking for a nurturing home environment?

Mater Filius, Nebraska is a Catholic apostolate created to help pregnant women in Nebraska and surrounding areas who find themselves without support. Inside the home of Mater Filius, women find the basic needs of life: shelter, food, clothes, safety, organization, order, support, hope, and peace.

Our home aids women and their babies during pregnancy, childbirth, and the subsequent months after childbirth. We can help guide you towards a positive path in your life journey.

Our program –

  • Provides physical, emotional, and spiritual support for pregnant women of any age and of any (or no) faith.
  • Teaches life skills, including decision-making and personal responsibility.
  • Supports women in completion of high school education and in developing continuing education plans based upon their personal goals.
  • Offers help in finding appropriate employment.
  • Connects women to prenatal care and community services.
  • Empowers women to set realistic goals.
  • Hosts ongoing monthly support groups for former residents.
  • Offers adoption options to every mom.
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