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Mommy's Haven


At Mommy’s Haven Maternity Home, we offer more than just a house; we offer hope, support and the tools to help you reach your potential!

Mommy's Haven provides shelter, food, clothing, and a supportive community. In addition to our services, we connect moms to appropriate agencies and resources. In doing so, we support mom and baby in both short and long-term goals!

Our services include:

  • Knowledge of State Programs
  • Parenting, adoption & childbirth education
  • Self-care classes
  • Financial education
  • Stable, Christ-centered living environment
  • Living necessities
  • Job development/placement
  • Childcare program
  • Recreational activities

We provide vital referrals to programs in the community, who partner with Mommy’s Haven, to offer further assistance:

  • Substance abuse recovery/treatment
  • Mental health assistance, treatment & programs
  • Mother & child support and care
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