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Mother House


Started in 1982, Mother House has provided at-risk mothers and their babies with a nurturing, supportive, and empowering residential community. While similar programs may simply be a shelter for expecting mothers, we give individuals the support and resources they need to walk out of our doors more prepared for success than when they came in. It’s our way of enabling our residents to thrive, so their children will too.

We help mothers in crisis and their babies receive the care, support, and resources they need to navigate pregnancy and their new role as mothers. Beyond basic needs, our program offers mothers the ability to develop the skills to be successful, responsible, and confident citizens and parents. At Mother House, we don’t shelter people — we strengthen them.

More than a shelter, Mother House’s flagship residential program builds our residents' confidence and skills for a successful future. We serve pregnant people in need during their prenatal and postpartum journeys. Mother House provides education, stability, and support throughout pregnancy and the early months of motherhood.

Residents come primarily from Boulder County but we accept applications from all mothers in need regardless of residency.  Many applicants arrive early in their pregnancies and the average postpartum stay is 4 months.  However, Mother House supports and welcomes applicants at any stage of pregnancy or in the first weeks postpartum and we strive to make our policies, programs, and timelines fit the specific needs of our residents.

Our facility provides a family environment where residents can participate in group living, which helps to give support and promote friendships that will last long after leaving Mother House.  We often invite our alumni back to visit with current residents and continue to offer our support when they might need it.

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