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Nativity House KC


Nativity House is for young, unwed mothers and their new babies. We believe that a loving, caring environment, with access to education and quality medical care in a faith-filled environment, will make a significant difference in the lives of the mothers and children who stay in the home. It is important to note, we are not the typical shelter.  Nativity House KC is a program to change your life in 18-24 months.  To do that Nativity House KC provides a place to live where you will be surrounded in love and challenged to reach your full potential.

We provide the following:

  • A safe and secure place to stay
  • Proper nutrition
  • Clothing and personal supplies
  • Prenatal classes  and parenting classes
  • Infant and child care classes
  • Facilitate mental health counseling
  • Positive role models
  • Facilitate access to medical care
  • Educational and vocational guidance
  • Individual case management
  • Spiritual mentors
  • Recreational activities
  • Adoption awareness
  • Facilitate access to community resources
  • Aftercare and transition resources
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