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New Start for Women


Volunteers of America, Dakotas - Specialty Program for Women is a 24-hour residential program for pregnant and parenting women, who have substance use disorders, and their children. This program provides a safe, structured, therapeutic, and staff-secured environment.

New Start teaches parenting and child care skills while providing help in education and other areas, such as employment skills, independent living, health, and nutrition, addressing chemical dependency, mental health, and legal problems.

Participants gain insight in the following areas:

  • Attaining their high school diploma, GED, or specialized skills training.
  • Learning parenting, child and self-care, independent living, and relationship skills.
  • Addressing their substance use, mental health, or legal problems.
  • Improving their employability skills.
  • Accessing high-quality prenatal, postpartum, and well-baby care.

In addition to family therapy, daily phone and visiting hours are available to encourage family involvement from the admission process to aftercare planning.

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