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North Place Maternity Home


North Place Maternity House is a safe place for expectant moms to stay when they find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. Our purpose is to provide a caring community for women as they prepare to build a life for themselves and their babies.

At North Place, residents will have a Christ-centered house parent, mentors, and volunteers who want to help. Our goal is to improve the overall wellness of each resident's life and help her acquire the skills she needs to be successful. We are all precious in the sight of God.

Any resident who has not graduated from high school will be encouraged to complete a GED program. Other educational opportunities will be made available to each resident on an individual basis, including exploring opportunities to pursue college and other higher-level learning opportunities.

Residents will be provided opportunities to develop life skills through:

  • Childbirth classes
  • Nutrition classes
  • Parenting classes
  • Community service projects
  • Lincoln Center to earn GED
  • Area jobs
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