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Paul Stefan Home


The Paul Stefan Foundation provides a comforting, loving, pro-life haven for women facing a crisis pregnancy; by offering hope, love, spiritual and emotional counseling. Our foundation was founded through the intercession of St. Andrew and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Home to 25 women and their children, the Paul Stefan Regional Home & Education Center provides a place for life skills training, nutrition, housing, and support services to help women and their babies gain the confidence to transition to independent, productive living. We receive dozens of support requests every day.

We partner with more than 50 churches from throughout Virginia to reach the growing number of pregnant women who are in desperate need of our vital support services. Private donations are critical to support our mission.

Many pregnant women can't afford proper prenatal or postnatal care, which puts their babies' and their own health at risk. We arrange for licensed health professionals to care for these mothers and their babies to help ensure their pregnancies and childbirth are as safe and healthy as possible.

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