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Place 4 Grace


Taylor’s Place is a beautiful home that sits on 10 rural acres in Knox County, Ohio.  We educate and minister Christ’s love and grace to unwed pregnant ladies and their children, in a safe, secure, stable home environment and eliminate generational cycles of unwed pregnancy, poverty, abuse, and addiction.

While the location is kept confidential to protect our mommas and babies, we love to share what our home provides. With fenced pasture, the property allows us a partnership with a local farmer who keeps his cattle on in our fields and in return supplies the home with beef each year.

Taylor’s Place also has a newly installed fruit grove, thanks to a generous donor. The fruit grove provides our young women with opportunities to learn to grow, preserve and use fresh fruit in providing for their families.

In addition, a grant provided for the start of raised bed vegetable gardens where fresh food is grown to help offset the grocery bill and teach valuable skills to our families.

Home culture includes parenting and life skills, like cooking, cleaning, and budgeting, as well as relationship education.

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