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St Gianna's Place


St. Gianna’s Place provides shelter for homeless pregnant women and their babies. Facing a crisis pregnancy without housing, financial resources, or emotional support is frightening, but St. Gianna’s Place can help. We offer a safe home, job and life skills training, and emotional support to pregnant women in need. Our vision is to promote healthy families by providing expectant moms with resources to give birth to their babies and move their lives forward in a positive direction.

In addition to a welcoming, Christ-centered home, we offer:

  • Life skills training, including personal financial planning and developing a household budget
  • Educational and job skills training
  • Parenting skills
  • Spiritual, emotional, and social support, including counseling when appropriate

Our core values include the recognition of a divine purpose and plan for every conceived child, the promotion of healthy families, and the fostering of self-worth in pregnant women in need.

We support our core values with the following strategies:

  • Providing a nurturing and loving environment where pregnant women are welcomed with love and respect
  • Fostering self-respect, independence, and healthy families through educational opportunities
  • Encouraging community involvement and service to others to cultivate a sense of self-worth and accomplishment
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