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Star of the North Maternity Home

St. Louis

The Mission of the Star of the North Maternity Home is “to serve as a home and program for housing unstable pregnant women and women with infants in need for up to 18 months.”

Its vision is to “move pregnant women experiencing housing instability to self-sufficiency while promoting healthy relationships, education, adoption and/or positive parenting.”

It also promotes the dignity of women, including their natural gifts of childbearing and childrearing, thus, elevating motherhood to a place of honor, while also helping women not feel forced to have to choose between their child and their career or education.

The SON Maternity Home is a leased four-bed Residential facility, located in a private independent home. The home consists of four bedrooms (4-beds) with a shared living room, dining room, kitchen, storage areas and closets, laundry/utility room, storage, admissions office, 2 bathrooms, and a night shift care coordinator apartment.

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