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The O'Connor House


The O’Connor House provides a Christian home to help single, pregnant, homeless women improve life for themselves and their children. We promote respect and dignity, and we help women gain the knowledge and skills to improve life for themselves, their children, and future generations. Our compassionate staff and volunteers offer hope and encouragement to each woman.

Each resident can stay up to 18-months with her new baby and up to two additional children under the age of 5. Each mother receives her own room for her and her child(ren).The O’Connor House has a large community kitchen to make it easy for all residents to cook their own meals. There is also “community” food, vegetable gardens, and a weekly “Community Night” meal that is provided by the House and cooked by a different resident each week.

Residents are provided any clothing they are in need of, such as work clothes, baby clothes, or seasonal clothes.

Staff and volunteers drive residents to their destinations within Hamilton County. This includes transport to work, school, daycare, grocery stores, doctor visits, etc.

Residents are offered weekly professional counseling, including both group and individual sessions, weekly bible study sessions, and a variety of educational lessons and classes, including prenatal care, parenting, cooking and nutrition, and a variety of lessons and classes.

We encourage every resident to complete her high school degree. We provide career counseling and planning.

Through our Life Skills Program, each resident will get to work with our staff on goals and personal development. Each week a different class is offered on a particular topic, such as time management, parenting, budgeting, cooking, or independent living.

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