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Veronica's Home of Mercy

San Bernardino

Veronica's Home of Mercy I and Veronica's Home of Mercy II, long-term Catholic/Christian residential homes, are committed to providing a home for adult pregnant women and their children as a healthy alternative to abortion, domestic violence, substance abuse, and/or homelessness. Veronica's Home of Mercy provides a loving and affirming atmosphere that will restore dignity to women. The goal is to enable the individual woman to integrate into society and live with a renewed sense of her own worth and dignity. It is important to know that Veronica's Home of Mercy has never refused admission to any woman because of race, creed, or lack of funds.

Our Program is extensive and comprehensive. Qualified staff provide drug and alcohol counseling, twelve-step meetings, child care, transportation, life skills, and 24-hour supervision. In collaboration with ten other institutions and professional programs within the community, Veronica's Home of Mercy offers the following:

  • Mental Health & Coping Skills
  • Budgeting
  • Cooking
  • Bible Sharing
  • Child Care
  • Drug & Alcohol Rehab
  • Prenatal Classes
  • Domestic Violence Education & Counseling
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Rape Crisis Counseling
  • Extensive Parenting Classes
  • Family Counseling
  • GED Preparation
  • Self Reliance and Child Development Education
  • Tutoring
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